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ADDRESS : 308/5-7 Moo 2, Phrabat Subdistrict, Muang District, Lampang 52000 Thailand
Tel : +6654 011 298        +6682 484 9898

Company Profile

 S.W.P Intertrade Ltd., Part was established in Chiang Mai,Thailand since 2009 as the trader for electrical, mechanical,industrial automation sector and also service on maintenance.

 Our company is “customer satisfaction is first priority”.We care for our customers and over the years have created a very special relationship with many of them resulting in long lasting and mutually rewarding undertakings on project. Partnership with suppliers, by utilizing the resources and expertise of the specialists, to meet the needs of both S.W.P Intertrade Ltd.,Part and its customers in order to offer the best equipment and service possible.

 Our head office in Lampang , Thailand asles to customer expectations with our partners in the best way to identify, client needs and the best solution for the customer to provide the most accurate, client satisfaction and ensure continuity if quality services offered aims to ensure consistency.

 Our products according to customer needs and expectation are generally in stock and we also made to order as the customer needs. We are also designers and manudacturers of material processing equipment.

 Our engineers have adequate technical equipment issues and new products to enhance their skills and knowledge about study abroad and participate in fairs, Any matters related to our products are available to help.

 Our maintenance service, we are extensively familiar with maintenance, services and overhauls conveyor line, gear box and mining machines. Electrical serice,we service on inspection and certified the annual electirical system inspection and service by experience team of professional electrical engineer ( Engineer license #4526 ). Our engineers have highly orifessional 15 years experienced services with flexibility, focus, ability to mobilize quickly and safely and finish on time to your budget.

With over 9 Years of quality service.

  • “We do the best to support all your demands on electrical and mechanical systems.

    Our duties based on safety, quality and responded to the environment”

    Sudsheewee Pothong | Managing Director

    swp_inter@hotmail.com / +6682-4849898


  To become the global distributor in Southeast Asia.

  To be a leader supplying on industrial company in Thailand and Southeast Asia.


 Offer the latest technology with reasonable prices and flexiblepayment options.

 Reach customer satisfaction on all of the information and technical support.

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